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L'offre à découvrir
Offres à découvrir

Venez découvrir de nombreuses offres à destination des entreprises mais aussi des particuliers .. lire la suite


The art of receiving the French at the service of your events

To receive its customers, its collaborators, its partners raises the same desire: to surprise, to make pleasure, to make memorable the moment of the meeting and thus to create the event. It is also a source of sharing the pleasures of the senses and the spirit which, in France, is of excellence, refinement, rituals, lightness and politeness.

France offers the best of the world: its traditions, its gastronomy, its art of living and its taste for elegance, refinement and the use of noble materials .... We have inherited this know-how that we adapt, between tradition and modernity, in order to give pleasure to our guests.

Hotels and event venues are reinterpreting the codes of French art of reception that are appreciated, sought after and envied abroad. With its international hotel expertise, LOUIS event advises and creates tailor-made events according to the needs of its customers. We have developed our own quality analysis chart to identify the best providers for your needs and budget. Do not hesitate to contact us at 06 68 34 09 22.

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